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Pauline Meikleham is a highly experienced learning and development consultant, with a strong background in organisational change, service improvement and community development. She is skilled in delivering large scale transformational change projects, and in working with organisations to shift culture and practice through coaching, leadership development, team building and stakeholder engagement. 


"Empathy - the ability to recognize and share other people’s feelings - is the most important instrument in a leader’s toolbox. It can be expressed in the simple words, “Is everything OK?”

Simon Sinek

Pauline’s unique contribution to change projects are in the domains of culture, leadership, communication and resilience focusing on improving organisational health and capacity to deal with change and work together effectively.

The focus on culture is essential. Technical changes to processes and systems and structural changes to services, will not deliver transformation, unless work is undertaken to build culture and capacity for change simultaneously. This goes beyond any superficial notion of ‘buy in’. Staff need to be fully engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about the destination ahead, and feel some genuine sense of ownership of the journey towards it.

The more co-creative and co-productive the process of change is for people, the less resistance will be encountered. As Peter Drucker once famously said ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ – meaning , if culture and planning are not aligned , even the best laid plans will go astray. The culture will simply overwhelm them. This can look like resentment, fatigue, cynicism, low trust, presenteeism, lack of co-operation and increased stress absence – all toxic to the purpose of steering an organisation through a process of transformation.

Pauline and her team can work with you to diagnose what the issues are and where in the system things are getting ‘stuck’, and agree the best approaches and interventions to realign people, processes and systems with organisational vision, aims, values and priorities.

Pauline brings to this work exceptional skills in coaching, communication, facilitation and conversation hosting and the ability to design training and development interventions in response to live issues and specific challenges. She facilitates relationships between staff and stakeholders and builds trust through making space for the diverse contributions of all participants.

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