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MakING the shift.

“Ask what’s possible, not what’s wrong. Keep asking”.

Margaret Wheatley


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


Makeshifts is a dynamic learning and development consultancy, working with organisations and stakeholder communities to shift culture and practice at a deep level, in order to achieve better outcomes for all. We will help you to navigate complexity, and work with change creatively and constructively, in order to move from surviving to thriving.

We work with a range of partners and associates to co-deliver change programmes focused on improving services and driving out efficiencies, while building and sustaining positive engagement with staff and stakeholders.

Working co-productively to harness collective intelligence, skills and experience, we will ensure a high level of ‘buy in’ for the changes which need to be made to ensure organisational health and success. By involving stakeholders in co-designing and co-producing proposed changes and developments, we ensure everyone’s knowledge and expertise are fully utilised, thus maximising all available resources for the project, while avoiding costly mistakes.

We can help you design participatory and self organising events of any scale and think through the logistics of venue, structure and resourcing.

We use a range of models and approaches to increase awareness and inform thinking, planning and decision making including Three Horizons, Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning, Systems Thinking, Co-Design and Process Mapping.

We bring skill and creativity to the facilitation of different kinds of meetings and events, which guarantee a rich ‘harvest’ of thoughts, ideas and insights to inform your project, change programme or development process.

We welcome the opportunity of working with groups who offer divergent views and multiple perspectives, no matter how challenging, in order to get to a place of mutual interest and respect.

We believe that respecting diversity and harnessing the power of the collective is key to organisational effectiveness and the development of dynamic and cohesive community networks and stakeholder groups.

We know that culture determines the health and success of all organisations.

We welcome the challenge of supporting staff and stakeholders through change while protecting and strengthening the health and well being of all.

Makeshifts takes a ‘systems‘ view of organisational change and development, emphasising the value of dialogue, engagement, collaborative leadership and inquiry to set free the collective capacity of the organisation to learn, contribute, innovate and problem solve improve, leading to improved outcomes for all.

We specialise in changing the culture by changing the conversation.

What is the shift you are trying to make? Where in the system is change most needed?

What is your vision for change?  And who needs to be in the conversation?

If you are open to new ways of thinking, connecting, consulting and working with others to achieve better outcomes, we would love to work with you to develop your capacity to meet the emerging future with confidence, energy and excitement.

Covid-19: Ensuring Connectivity, Productivity
and Well Being for Home Working Staff.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health and societal emergency that requires effective immediate action by governments, individuals and businesses. All businesses have a key role to play in minimising the likelihood of transmission and impact on society. Early, bold and effective action will reduce short- term risks to employees and long-term costs to businesses and the economy.”

World Health Organisation, March 16 2020

Confronted with the widespread human, social and economic ramifications surrounding COVID-19, organisations are having to move quickly to enable remote and home working for large numbers of staff.

Chances are you will be fully focused on resourcing digital enablement, and ensuring you have adequate cyber security, GDPR and remote working policies in place. But have you given thought to some of the possible challenges and pitfalls of remote working such as damage to team cohesion, decreased productivity, and mental ill health which can impact negatively on service delivery, relationships, performance and organisational culture over time? We have produced this help note to support employers and managers think through these challenges and take early action to avoid the pitfalls. We hope you find it helpful.

Are you ready to make the shift?

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